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Beyond the code
Just as important as my code quality, I care about communication, timelines and project management. A successful project isn't just a nice website development, but a process that has interaction, team work and happiness for everyone.
Attention to details
Many developers cringe at the thought of pixel perfection. Not me. I understand the hard work the designer had to create every pixel of the design, and is my duty to value his work and deliver a final result that reflects a great design.
Fast execution
I understand how important it is for you and your business to have your website up and running as soon as possible, that's why I focus on have a fast execution. As a highly experienced Webflow developer I'm able to build your website within 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the design.
Trust and transparency
I don't have just clients, I have partners. And as a partner, you can always count on me. I'll be in touch with you during the whole process, updating you about the progress and getting feedback from you.


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My name is Rodolpho and I am a web designer who lives in Curitiba - Brazil. When I was 15 wasn't sure about what career to follow. At that time, we were broken and I decided to work in some small projects at my brother's agency for help to pay the bills.

As time passes, I realised that I had a knack for web design and decided to dive into web design once and for all. I started to study what great designers was doing and I realised that all of them had one thing in common: they generated tones of value for their clients.
Since then I have been working to generate more and more value for my clients, developing websites that translate what their business is and how they change their costumers lives.
webflow expert partner rodolpho passos
Take control of content updates
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SEO management made easy
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High performance of Webflow Hosting
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Don’t worry about downtime
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How long will it take to build my website on Webflow?
Most website builds take 2-4 weeks to complete. Some websites may take longer depending on the size of the website and the responsiveness of clients.
What is your process?
1. Development
2. Animations
3. Essential SEO
4. Tests
5. Webflow training
6. Handoff and launch
7. Support
How much do you respect the deadlines?
That's one of the most important things on each work I do. I understand there is an ecosystem (leads, sales, relationship) that depends of the live website. That's why I pay attention to every deadline to make sure we are aligned with the launch date.


Do my designs need to be in Figma, Adobe or Sketch?
Not exactly. If you have videos, GIFs or any type of format that can't be insert into a design file you can share with me throught another way. Also, if your design is made in another UI tool, or even illustrator I can make a custom solution for you.
You do design also? Or just development?
Although I have all the skills for design from scratch, I'm currently working with development projects only. If you need minor updates to your design we can add this to the package, but if you need new pages or more complex tasks I recommend you get in touch with a designer before we move into development itself.
What if my design isn't complete yet? Should I wait?
If you already have at least half of the design pages ready I can start the development meanwhile your designer finishes the other pages design.
How do you deal with animations from our provided designs?
I'm able to suggest and create options from the provided designs. Before we go live, you'll be able to review on the staging site.
What if I just want to migrate my website for webflow?
It's possible too. I will use the same process for the development plus a migration step to move your blog posts or any other content that is inside a collection for the new website in an easy way, without have to rebuild everything.


What size budgets do you typically work with?
I typically work with clients within the following project brackets:

How do I figure out how much the development will cost?
You can get in touch with me trough email sharing more about your project and sending your design file/preview. I'll get back to you and send you a proposal with timeline and the pricing for the project.
What are the payment terms for a typical project?
For development projects:
 50% before I start and 50% when you’re 100% thrilled and we’re ready to hand-off.

For access to my development & consultation support services:

Hourly, billed per block of hours.

5 hours - $500
10 hours - $900
20 hours - $1700
How much does Webflow hosting cost?
In order to sign-up for a Webflow account you must first choose an account plan, most clients end-up signing up for the “Free” plan or the “Lite” plan, the higher end plans are aimed at teams and agencies building out more than just 1-2 website projects under their account.

Once you have set-up an account plan and you've create a Webflow website within your Dashboard or your project has been transferred to your account, you'll need to add a hosting plan.

The highest tier of hosting plan Webflow offers is the $36/month business plan, this is what we recommend for most clients.

Here's an overview of the potential Webflow hosting and account plan costs:

Account Plan: $0-35/month
Hosting Plan: $12-36/month
E-commerce: $29-$212/month

Here’s more information from Webflow:


Do you launch the site for us?
I'm 100% hands on for launch. I will launch the site for you and make sure everything is in full working order. After the launch, I'll be with you for 30 days. Any weird things, issues, or ‘OMGs, we totally forgot this tiny little thing’, - I'm here for you un-billed and as part of the original project scope.
What happens after the site is launched?
I'm 100% hands on for launch. I will launch the site for you and make sure everything is in full working order. After the launch, we’re with you for 30 days. Any weird things, issues, or ‘OMGs, we totally forgot this tiny little thing’, - I'm here for you un-billed and as part of the original project scope.

Within the first week of hand-off, I will onboard you to your new Webflow site. You'll receive a mini training webflow series. You'll be editing and growing your new website with ease!

After 30 days, I will of course still be available for priority questions via phone/email, you can purchase pre-paid "hour blocks" for ad-hoc development tasks, updates, and consulting. Anything larger than 40 hours and we will talk about a custom plan.
How does maintenance work? Do you do retainers?
Although maintaining content, copy, and assets through the Webflow CMS (Editor) is very straightforward for clients to manage in-house, some clients will need additional development & Webflow build support. I allow clients to purchase a pre-paid block of hours with us upfront to use as they see fit over a 2 month period.

These hours are to be used on any development, consultation, or Webflow related need. My development support blocks do not include any design (figma, XD, Sketch) services.

5 hours - $500
10 hours - $900
20 hours - $1700
Can I host my Webflow website anywhere?
I highly recommend that you host your website through Webflow's AWS system if you wish to gain access to all the powerful CMS and hosting features that Webflow has to offer. All hosting plans include automatic backups, version control, SEO management, new features as they are released, and security updates. Hosting your website on Webflow removes the requirement for monthly maintenance retainers that are usually associated with platforms such as Wordpress.
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